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August 21 2013
We got signed to a publishing company GasCan Music. Looking forward to getting our music in everything from TV shows, commercials, videos games and films. Lets take over the world!!!.

August 15 2013
About an hour before we hit the stage! We had the honor of playing in front of 8000+ people for the 47th International Children games in Windsor.
#internationalchildrensgames #windsor #soldout

Photo: About an hour before we hit the stage! #internationalchildrensgames #windsor #soldout

February 5 2013
Today marks the day of our first debut album release.  It is hard to think that everything we did for the past 2 years is all for this day.  The good thing about this day is that we get to share it with all our wonderful fans. Thank you so much!!
You can click here to get it on Ravenscode - District of Broken Hope.  OR…you can buy the album on our site.  We also offer a digital download as well.

February 2 2013
We love playing live! It’s what we live for. The heat, the adrenaline, and the people moving to our music is a thrill that cannot be explained. The studio is another sort of fun. You go in with a plan and some music. You get to hang out with your best friends, focus 100% on the creative process, and act like 12 year old children the entire time. This video is some footage we collected and put together for all of you! We would like to invite you into our shananigans and we hope you all will enjoy this glimpse into our time with Marty Bak at SLR Studios.

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Feb. 1/13
We got our Full Length Album in the mail today!!! We are very excited. This is by far the best thing we have ever produced. Cant wait for you all to hear it. You can still pre-order on our site here and get the free autographed postcard.

January 18/13
ANNOUNCEMENT – Ravenscode is going on tour in March. They will travel all over Ontario for their “Mayan Survival Celebration Tour 2013″. Stay tuned for dates and locations.

Nov 20/12
Here it is ladies and gentleman. Charlie Adlard of “The Walking Dead” teams up with us to create the cover for our debut full length album.

Dictrict of Broken Hope

Nov 8/12
We are back in the studio to record our last song on our full length album coming out soon….